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Is the payment via Internet safe?

Yes. The payments are processed by the company Global Payments Europe, the partner of the major European banks and one of the market leaders on the payment processing market.

How will I be refunded my money in case the ordered COC does not exist?

In case the COC for your vehicle does not exist you will be refunded your money in the way equal to your payment. You will be informed about the actual refund by email. For more information check our general business conditions.

How do you guarantee the COC authenticity?

All of the COC we supply contain safety imprints confirming the COC authenticity. If a COC is evidently proved not to be original, we guarantee your money refund.

What is the method of my personal data protection?

Since the moment of your logging on your account, the entire internet communication is encoded by means of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology provided by the world established company Thawte.
Your personal data are thus protected from unauthorized access or abuse.

General questions on COC and its availability

Is the COC valid in all of the EU member states?

Yes. The COC we supply are valid in all of the EU member states i.e. France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain etc.

What is the language of the issued COC?

The language of the COC is to be decided by the vehicle manufacturer, however English, German or French language are the most usual.

Which information does the COC contain?

COC contains all of the technical parameters of the vehicle.

Are there any COC samples available?

COC samples are displayed on the homepage after you have searched the requested COC. Clicking on the search results you access the view on the COC sample.

Which types of vehicles are the COC supplied for?

We supply the COC for passenger vehicles (M1), motorcycles (L) and tractors (T).

Can you supply a COC for utility vehicles?

No, the COC for utility vehicles does not exist.

Is it possible to supply the COC for vehicles imported from the countries out of the EU?

No, the COC for the vehicles manufactured for the market different than EU (Japan, USA, and Near East) does not exist.

I have not found the number of the type approval in the EC registration documentation. Can you supply the COC for such a vehicle?

We are sorry but the COC for such a vehicle does not exist, therefore it cannot be supplied.


How to order a COC?

Detailed procedure is described in the section “How to order”.

Which documents are necessary for submitting an order?

After you search the requested COC on the homepage section “Search the certificate”, you will be displayed the information on the copies of documents to attach.

May I cancel my order?

Any order can be cancelled any time prior to its payment. COC is a unique document referring exclusively to your vehicle; therefore it cannot be returned back to your suppliers.

May I order several COCs within one order and have them delivered in one shipment?

Yes, this is possible and you can save your money on the delivery charges.
Having found your COC (in the section “Search the certificate”) and having entered the information you will put your COC to the cart and you continue by adding further COCs. Finally, you will order all the COCs in the car at once by simple clicking on “Order”. The order processing period is equal to the period necessary for the order with the longest processing period.

What are the COC delivery terms?

The delivery terms vary according to the country of the first registration and the vehicle make. The terms usually vary from 1 to 5 weeks. You will be displayed the exact delivery terms after you find the COC for your vehicle in the section “Search for certificate”.


Which countries do you deliver the COCs to?

We can deliver your COC to any country.

How can I learn if my COC has already been expedited?

You will be informed about your COC expediting via email or SMS at least one day in advance.

My invoice address is different from my delivery address? What should I do?

In the course of the order submitting, you will be requested to enter your invoice address as well as your delivery address. The two addresses do not have to be identical.


How can I pay?

The order can be paid via any of the methods described below:

  • Credit/ Debit card – the payment will be credited on our account within a few minutes. You can use the cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

  • Paypal - the payment will be credited on our account within a few minutes. You can use this method if you have a PayPal account.

  • Bank transfer – the payment will be credited on our account within 3 to 5 days. In order to speed up your order processing, you can send us a copy of the confirmation on the bank transfer. For the identification of your payment, you are strictly recommended to enter the order number as a variable symbol, or note the number in the transaction description

My payment has not been processed. What should I do?

Please, check the information you enter, e.g. card expiry date, card number, CV code, name of the card holder.

If problems continue, you can realize a bank transfer. In such case, enter the number of your order as a variable symbol. In order to speed up your order processing, you can send us a copy of the confirmation on the bank transfer.

Is it possible to pay without VAT?

Yes, this is possible. However, you are requested to enter your valid VAT ID and tick the box “VAT payer” in the “Invoice information” in your internet account.

How can I obtain the invoice?

You will be delivered your invoice with your COC.

My account

I have a problem logging on my account.

Check if your email address and password are correct. Check the diacritics.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password click on “I have forgotten my password”. Enter your email address to the box and click on “Send”. You will be sent your new password you can use for your account logging. You can change your password by clicking on “Contact&Login“.

I would like to change my password. What should I do?

After logging on your account, click on “Contact &Login“.
Click on “Password” and enter the password. Confirm your password by rewriting it into the box “Password confirmation” and click on “Save”.

How can I change my contact information in my account?

Logging on your account, click on “Contact &Login“.
Change the information as you wish and click on “Save”.

How can I change my invoice information in my account?

Logging on your account, click on “Invoice information“.
Change the information as you wish and click on “Save”.

I would like to be sent your Newsletter. What should I do?

Logging on your account, click on “Contact &Login“.
Cancel the option “I do not wish to be sent your Newsletter” and click on “Save”.


Herewith we would like to inform you that, despite the Coronavirus COVID-19, COCDATA.EU is up and running. You can keep sending inquiries by e-mail and place your orders through www.cocdata.eu. The orders will be completed within the usual time frame.